Be Here Now – Globen Stockholm 1997 video

Be Here Now – Globen Stockholm 1997 video

We are continuing our “Be Here Now” weekend with yet another rare video. This is a live pro-shot footage of the title track Be Here Now live from Globen in Stockholm, Sweden on 9th of September 1997. This was only the second ever show on this tour, following the opening show in Oslo the day before. The track is sourced from a 1-track promo VHS that we have transferred and uploaded by us. Very little footage exists of the Be Here Now tour, in comparison to the previous tours, and a lot of this goes back to Oasis’ management who wanted to keep a close lid on things to prevent things leaking to bootleggers and such. We have been told that this is also why this track cuts abruptly on our promo tape. It was only meant for media producerts to use a few seconds in newsreports and documentaries, which they also have. Still, we are bringing you the clip as complete as possible. Hopefully one day we will get to see more of this show. Or this tour for that matter… Please enjoy, and help us share it to get more views/followers.

Here is the YouTube link:

2 responses to “Be Here Now – Globen Stockholm 1997 video”

  1. Max says:

    Happy days! I was there with me brother, 2nd Oasis show after Sjohistoriska 96.

  2. cam says:

    max at your gig in 1996 can you recall if they had video screens up filming ?

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