“Be Here Now” week 2016

Hello everyone!

We nearly missed this year’s scheduled “Be Here Now” weekend, so decided to make it a week instead. In the coming days we will be posting videos and images to all social media related to Oasis “Be Here Now”. To get everyone started, here is some news clips from 21st August 1997;

Oasis – KROQ Weenie Roast 1997 (GMTV 16 06 1997) – live clips


Oasis – Be Here Now release 1997 – BBC Six ‘o clock News


OASIS – Be Here Now release – Channel 5 (21 08 1997)


OASIS – Be Here Now release – Channel 5 (21 08 1997)

Features a short interview with Mister Sifter, and interview with some locals at a pub in Burnage.


OASIS – Be Here Now release – London Tonight (21 08 1997)

Features a rather cringeworthy clip of a cover-band called Champagne Supernovas preparing to play songs from Be Here Now.



Over at our Instagram account we are also posting a rare series of unseen outtakes from Be Here Now in the coming days. Make sure you follow us!

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