Definitely Maybe DVD EPK – Greek radio promo


In today’s update we’re focusing on a promotional disc not seen very often. This a Greek promo CD, issued by Sony Music Greece in July 2004. It’s made to promote the Definitely Maybe 10th anniversary DVD, and consist of a rare edit of music and quotes from the DVD documentary. It’s unknown whether this was ever broadcasted outside Greece. The edit is 6:50 in length, and aimed at promoting the DVD release on radio. Here are some pictures of the disc:

Oasis - Definitely Maybe DVD EPK Greek promo

Oasis - Definitely Maybe DVD EPK Greek promo - back

The story of how this came into my hands is a bit odd as well… Over 10 years ago – in the autumn of 2004 – this simply dumped into my mailbox. As a collector I bought and sold a lot of stuff, but I have no recollection of ever buying this. And trust me; I would’ve remembered! The sender was from Greece, and the name and info didn’t match any of my recent purchases. The only possible explanation could be related to one particular item I never did receive. I had bought a foreign promo VHS with a TV edit for the documentary “There We Were, Now Here We Are… The Making of Oasis” on eBay which never arrived. I never left negative feedback for it, as the seller had 100% positive feedback and told me he was sorry for the delay. Time passed, and I guess he sent me that disc instead of the VHS. In retrospect; I’m quite glad he did, as I’d rather have this than that promo VHS. Anyone else have this disc?

Click on the links below to download MP3 audio of the track.

Definitely Maybe DVD EPK – Greek radio promo

Audio:  MP3 link


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