D`You Know What I Mean? – alternate video

D`You Know What I Mean? alternate video

The first exclusive video we’re uploading in our special “Be Here Now” weekend is an alternate promo video for ‘D`You Know What I Mean?’. The video is an offline edit, which is basically an unfinished rough version. You can read more on the technical side of offline edititing on this Wikipedia page. The video is noteable for a different intro (no landing helecopter with band walking out), but instead features Noel Gallagher looking gloomy and strumming his guitar. There are also some other alternative camera angles, and some of the digital effects (such as the duplicated helecopters) aren’t finished rendering. Maybe you can spot more differences? Use the comments below to share!

Here is the video (Youtube link):

PS: If video is block in your country, try our link at Vimeohttps://vimeo.com/137011360

The video was directed by Nic Goffey and Dominic Hawley (nick&dom), produced by John Madsen and edited by Simon Hilton. This particular version is dates midday 4th of July 1997. See below for screenshot of the ident;

D'You Know What I Mean? IDENT - offline edit

The video was sourced from an in-house VHS, and was transferred and uploaded by Joakim. Please enjoy. More stuff on it’s way!

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