Hit The North 1993 radio session

Today we are bringing you a special on Oasis’ first ever radio session, recorded live on 11th of August 1993, for a radio show on BBC 5 called ‘Hit The North’. The first broadcast of this session is believed to be the 17th of September 1993, but it is unknown whether they broadcasted the full show.

The sessions contains the following tracks:
Bring It On Down
I Will Believe
Digsy’s Dinner
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Rock’n’Roll Star

In Lee Henshaw’s book “Oasis” (1996) it is said that the BBC has since lost the master tape to this recording. There are a few factual errors in that book, including that this session took place in 1992. The correct date is 11th of August 1993. Whereas it could be true that the BBC can’t find the 1/4″ tapes or equivalent master tape in their archive, there is a copy in this session in the bands managements hands, at least. Remember; ‘I Will Believe’ from this session was a b-side to ‘Supersonic’ single, and ‘Bring It On Down’ was used on the ‘Shakermaker’ single. ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ also made it’s way onto a NME freebie-cassette named ‘The Mutha of Creation’, but was wrongly labelled as a “Demo”. Other than that only two cassette dubs have turned up over the years; the tape that this upload is sourced from, and another that was auctioned off along with a BBC backstage pass on eBay in May 2012.

The session itself was engineered by Mark Coyle and Ian Eastwood (Stone Roses), as Noel wanted people he trusted seeming as this was their first radio performance. The show was originally hosted by Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley, but as Mark Radcliffe was on holiday they asked Peter Hook from New Order to step in. Liam allegedly spent the the day taking the piss out of Pete Hook for wearing leather pants, and Noel also mocks him for this during the interview.
This recording was transferred from an in-house cassette tape from the bands management, and is not an off-air recording. This means that the DJs microphone is almost inaudible for the interview and track introductions. The bands microphone and instruments however, are crystal clear.

If anyone has any more information about this session, feel free to use the comments section and we will add it to the article. We do not have any pictures of this session, so if any exist; please get in touch. Pictures of the tape this was sourced from will be uploaded soon.

Sourced, transferred and uploaded by Joakim / www.oasisarchive.com
Thanks to Jim from rkid003-blog for helping us hosting this with us earlier.

3 responses to “Hit The North 1993 radio session”

  1. Deadman says:

    Bits of the interview was released on the Interviews CD, bundled with the 1996 singles box-sets.

    11th August is likely to be the broadcast date as well, as Hit The North was scheduled for broadcast that evening on Radio 5.

  2. Deadman says:

    Of course, Marc Riley exclaims “live radio!” when Peter Hook jokes about Alan McGee being drunk when he signed Oasis. That I think confirms it as a live broadcast.

    • joakim says:

      Good point. Thanks deadman! Will add the info you provided and credit you when I get around to updating the article sometime later this week. Will also be adding some pictures of the tapes, as well as some quotes from Tony McCarrolls book. Cheers!

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