‘Lets All Make Believe’ 1998 demo

February 7th 2014
To celebrate that the ‘Go Let It Out’ single was released 14 years ago on this very day, we are very excited to bring you the demo for the song ‘Lets All Make Believe’, sung by Noel Gallagher. This has never been available online before. In 2007 the track topped Q Magazines poll of the ‘500 Greatest Lost Tracks’, but here – for the very first time – is the demo; recorded shortly after the ‘Be Here Now’ tour ended in March 1998, and long before the song was released as a b-side. Not to mention that it features Noel Gallagher on vocals. Enjoy.

Let’s All Make Believe – Noel Gallagher 1998 demo

Download: MP3 format | FLAC format  (offline)
Stream: YouTube

You can also find download-mirrors over at the excellent RKID003 blog.
Thanks to Jim for helping us host this.

Unfortunately Jim’s blog is now closed. We would like to thank Jim for all his help over the years!

One response to “‘Lets All Make Believe’ 1998 demo”

  1. David says:

    Wow, what’s the story of how the demo was leaked?

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