New series coming soon: ‘The Collector’

oasis: the collector
Later this summer we will launch a brand new series at called ‘The Collector‘.
Each month we will feature a written interview along with exclusive images of fans showcasing their private Oasis collections.

Some people are obsessed with completing all promotional releases from Japan, whereas others spent the 90s collecting minidiscs, or going to record fairs to find the latest silver-pressed bootleg. What’s your story?

We are currently putting down a shortlist of people who would be interested in being featured on our website, so please contact us if you know someone who has a big collection of Oasis stuff.

Tag them on Facebook, or forward their name to us, and we will be in touch with them personally. You don’t have to be the biggest hoarder of Oasis stuff to be featured – often a good story of how you got into collection is far more interesting.

e-mail:   thecollector [at] oasisarchive [dot] com

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