Noel Gallagher 1997 Crathorne Hotel interview

Exclusive Noel Gallager 18th September 1997 interview – Crathorne Hotel

Finally, today we can bring you yet another exclusive and unheard Noel Gallagher interview, recorded just over 20 years ago (18th September 1997, at approximately 3:30PM). This interview was recorded at the Crathorne Hotel – a luxury hotel in North Yorkshire – the day before the first Aberdeen concert on their “Be Here Now” tour. Along with the audio interview we also have unseen pictures.

In the interview Noel talks about how they record all of their gigs, about the Oasis archive, his visions for the Oasis Anthology(!), and recorded b-sides from the time (including “Helter Skelter”). If you’re a die-hard fan; you’ll absolutely love this!

Noel Gallager 18th September 1997 interview
Download: Link – full interview (FLAC format)

Credits: The tape and pictures was found and transferred/scanned by Joakim Vrangum here at OasisArchive, and the audio was then remastered by David Huggins from the excellent Oasis Recording Info. The audio quality is a bit rough  as the recording was never actually meant to be broadcasted, and had not been touched for 20 years – but our good friend David did a wonderful job helping remaster the audio.

Feel free to share the recording and pictures, but please respect that a lot of hard work (and money!) went into making this available. A credit or link to OasisArchive and Oasis Recording Info would be appreciated.

We would also like to thank our good friend Brian Garcia, and James from the awsome Oasis Podcast. Make sure you check that out! Credit also to Nick M. and “Must Be The Music” who conducted the original interview! If you’re out there Nick; let us know, mate!

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