VIDEO: Report from Aberdeen Scotland 1997

Earlier this month Scotland voted “no” to independence in their national referendum, but almost to the day 17 years earlier, Oasis visited Aberdeen for two shows on their Be Here Now tour. The two dates at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre on the 19th and 20th of September 1997 stills holds up as some of the most legendary and mythical gigs on what was arguably a pretty disappointing tour. Paolo Hewitt’s book ‘Forever The People: On the Road with Oasis 1997-1998’ mentions these as the highlight of the tour.

Here is a quote from Creation Records boss Alan McGee from an article in The Guardian where he names it the fourth best Oasis gig he ever saw;

“I’ll admit the Be Here Now tour was when Oasis lost their rock’n’roll mojo. Not every date on this tour was a highlight, but Oasis were on fire in Aberdeen. It was completely mental, unrestrained, rebellious rock’n’roll. Oasis became a gargantuan juggernaut of electric feedback and primal beats.”  – Alan McGee

Unfortunately there are no known recordings of the gig in circulation, so fans are left with whatever memories they might have from the gig. We have tried to compile a small set of external links to a handful of pictures and a few reviews. If you know of any more info out there that we have missed, please let us know.

We have also dug deep into our own archive of tapes and found a promo video tape that contains a short clip from a BBC ‘Reporting Scotland’ show dated 19/9-1997. This has never been online before. Unfortunately the live clips are not from the shows in Aberdeen, but from from their concert at Westpoint Arena, Exeter that previous week. The report does however offer a few glimpses of Noel Gallagher emerging from the soundcheck, and some details of what Liam was up to that afternoon. Check out the clip over at our Youtube-channel, and make sure you subscribe to us for more updates soon.

Do you recognize anyone in the queue? Did you attend any of these two shows? Use the comments below to share your opinion, or e-mail us. Any new reviews, facts, newspaper clippings, pictures or recordings that might be unearthed due to this will be considered for an updated and hopefully more in-depth article on these two shows.

3 responses to “VIDEO: Report from Aberdeen Scotland 1997”

  1. Alan Turner says:

    I was there, I’ve still got the ticket, tour programme and some photos of liam and Noel!

    I remember fainting just as they were away to come on as it was that crushed at he front! It was mental gig.

    • joakim says:

      Sorry for the late reply, Alan. Great to hear from someone who was there. Would you be interested in scanning or taking a snap of your Liam/Noel pictures from the show?

      You can e-mail them to info [AT] and I will put them up for you, giving you full credit.

  2. Greig wars says:

    I was there it was my first ever gig and probably hasn’t been matched in 17 times I’ve seen them since.

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