What’s the Story? #2 – Missing RTL Nachtshow 1995 performance

Finally we are back with another installment in our ‘Whats The Story?’ series, focusing on getting to the bottom of unanswered questions – or in this case; finding that missing TV performance.

What’s the story? is where we try to get to the bottom of unanswered questions from the Oasis history books. It will focus on a variety of subjects, ranging from gig setlists to collectors releases.
The goal is to list every bit of key information we have, in the hopes that the missing pieces will fall into place. The articles in this series will serve as a placeholder and reminder until they are fully answered. New information will be updated or added whenever anything new is uncovered.
Hopefully someone out there knows something we missed, have a picture we haven’t seen, or knows someone who knows someone who just so happened to be involved in it. Anyway, you get the picture.Please leave a comment below if you know anything, or contact us via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. We will give full credit to any user who submits valuable information (unless you prefer anonymity).

Missing Oasis RTL Nachtshow 1995 show

On Thursday 9th of November 1995, Oasis played a German late-night talkshow. This entry is also listed in the bands tour itinerary called ‘World Tour 95 – part two’. The performance was simply listed as “TV Show”, but the itinerary showed the performance took place in Cologne and the actual date. Now, for years we’d had this picture that didn’t quite fit anywhere.

Oasis Wonderwall - RTL Nachtshow 1995 mit Thomas Koschwitz

So… By connecting the dots we started speculating whether that one TV show unaccounted for in the bands tour itinerary could infact be the one on the picture?
The question was then raised by Joakim a few years ago during a topic discussing possible missing TV performances over at the live4ever-forum. Thanks to a collective effort – and especially users cigsandalc and birchythe performance was successfully identified as ‘RTL Nachtshow mit Thomas Koschwitz’. Cross-checking other musical performances from the same talkshow on Youtube (such as Sparks, CITA, Pia Douves, Blue System and Thomas Anders) showed an identical backdrop and studio, thus confirming that we finally have the name of the show as well. Still, of all the videos online from this German talkshow; none of them featured the missing Oasis performance.

So, in summary, this is what we have to work with this time;

  • this picture
  • the name of the show was ‘RTL Nachtshow’
  • the host of the show was Thomas Koschwitz
  • the performance was recorded in Cologne, Germany on Thursday 9th of November 1995
  • the show was cancelled shortly after the Oasis episode aired. The show ran from 1994 till 17th of November 1995
  • the performance was mimed, and the band did ‘Wonderwall’
  • this was actually their first stop on their German tour, as they went to Hamburg the following day, and then back to Cologne for their gig there on the 12th of November

Wanted:     video of Oasis performing ‘Wonderwall’ on RTL Nachtshow 1995

If anyone owns a copy of this, happened to be taping it on VHS, or know some German fans who might have it; please ask them to get in touch.

You can send us any video format, and we can help you transfer the performance. Full credit will be given anyone who helps us unearth this performance. We know many of you have VHS tapes gathering dust; we are always happy to transfer and look through them for you.

You can contact us using the contact page, or at any of our social media pages. Follow us on Twitter for updates on finding this. Now, let’s get to work, shall we?

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